Support Site Re-design

A mobile prioritized update to the Sonos Support site with emphasis on use-case vs product organization.

In 2015 I was consulting with Sonos, working alongside the internal teams and directly with their external agency.

I worked directly with the Global Digital Marketing team, Product team, and Support to identify issues, discuss hierarchy of information, and re-architect the support site. The result  provided an improved user experience and reduced inbound support calls.



The problem

Identified that the issue with the existing support site was that it was organized by product. The reality is that customers look by use case. For example, "I want to setup a new product," "I need to find software," or "I threw out my user guide and I need the info now."

Additionally, the site was not optimized for mobile which is the primary device for people setting up a system.



Defining a hierarchy of information, optimized for mobile, and added a direct link to the controller app.