Welcome Basecamp!


Hi, I'm Grant!

I'm a Digital Designer that is passionate about applying design in ways that make people's lives better.

I have 15 years of experience both in agencies and directly with brands and their teams.

Why Basecamp?

Manager of one

Working in an agency gave me the foundation I needed, but a normal office job wasn't for me. Since 2010, I've worked independently, and in 2015 I formalized my freelance efforts into a company of one (Grant England Studio, Inc). I've been collaborating directly with client teams and working hard to deliver projects from business developement to launch. I've defined my own role, and it's been truly rewarding. You call this a Manager of one and I'm picking up what you're putting down.

Designer first

Titles are kind of like funny little boxes. UX? UI? Product? Visual? Should designers code? Write? Manage projects?


In it for the long haul

I'm aligned to the Basecamp way of work and I don't take reaching out lightly. This is the first time I've applied for a full time position in the past 10 years. Since 2006 I've been following along, impressed with your perspective, and the products that result. I'm looking for a career shift, not another "gig." 

Work samples


"He not only creates great web design work, but he is able to present it well, gather feedback and incorporate it like no other design partner I've had."

Rachel Horn
Managing Editor, Patagonia